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Austria EuroMillions lottery results

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    When you buy official lottery tickets online with us, your tickets are physically purchased and uploaded into your personal account as proof-of-purchase.

    Austria EuroMillions is the leading pan-European lottery and a favourite worldwide. The EuroMillions has awarded some of the biggest jackpots in Europe, including an incredible €190 million record hit four times- in August 2012, October 2014, October 2017, and October 2019. You don't want to miss the Austria EuroMillions biweekly draws, held every Tuesday and Friday. All you have to do is choose five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to win this amazing jackpot, so play EuroMillions Austria now!

    EuroMillions is a transnational lottery that requires seven correct numbers to win the jackpot. It was launched on 7 February 2004 by France's Française des Jeux, Spain's Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and the United Kingdom's Camelot. The first draw was held on 13 February 2004 in Paris. Initially, only the UK, France and Spain participated, with the Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Swiss lotteries joining for the 8 October 2004 draw.

    Drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:45 CET in Paris. 

    From 24 September 2016, the number of lucky stars changed from a pool of 11 to a pool of 12 numbers, decreasing the jackpot winning odds from 1:117million to 1:140million.

    All prizes, including the jackpot, are tax-free (except in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, since 2013) and are paid as a lump sum.

    The player selects five main numbers which can be any number from 1 to 50.
    The player selects two different lucky star numbers from a pool of 12 numbers.

    To participate in the EuroMillions Lotto, tickets can be purchased from many outlets, namely at licensed stores and online websites.

    The game play changed on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 with a second weekly draw and the number of "lucky stars" in the Paquerette machine increasing from 9 to 11. A prize for matching two main numbers and no lucky stars was also introduced on the same date.

    On Saturday, 24 September 2016, the number of "lucky stars" increased again, from 11 to 12.


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