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New York Lotto lottery results

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    Prize Breakdown

    • Division
    • Match
    • Payout Per Winner
    The government run New York Lotto generates millions in prize money. It began in 1967 and has successfully championed many social causes like education and infrastructure. It also helps nurture industries in the state. 

    How to play NY Lotto
    Players choose six numbers between 1 and 59. A bonus ball affecting the second prize tier is also drawn. To qualify for the second prize tier, you need to match at least 5 out of 6 number and have the number matching the special Bonus Ball drawn on the night. If you are looking to win the NY Lotto, you’ll need to match all six numbers.
    How to play the NY Lotto with Lotoklub
    Lotoklub constantly considers how to enhance and simplify players' experience of our product. 

    Players choose numbers manually. Or they make use of the ‘Quick Pick’ option randomly selects numbers for you. You can play up to 10 lines and 100 draws to increase your chances of winning.

    You also enjoy discounts on future tickets if you purchase in bulk. When you are happy with your selections, simply choose a payment option and wait for our email confirmation. It’s really that easy! We'll also send you a copy of your ticket. 
    NY Lotto Draws
    The New York Lotto is scheduled to draw every Wednesday and Saturday Night at 11:21pm. 

    NY Lotto payout options
    We transfer all winning prizes into your Lotoklub account. Where the lottery provider has other rules regarding payment we will assist you to claim the prize personally. 

    Bear in mind that the New York Lottery charges American residents around 37% on Lottery prizes over $600. For winners who are non-U.S. residents, the New York Gaming Commission is legally obliged to withhold Federal and New York State pay charges from taxable prizes over $5,000.
    NY Lotto Statistics
    There are many ways to pick lottery numbers. Some experts swear by hot/cold number theory. This theory uses previously drawn numbers to predict which might recur. For the NY Lotto the hot numbers—those most frequently drawn—are 8, 20, 15, 25, 30 and 34. Cold numbers are 58, 56, 59, 57 and 55. Your overall chance of winning is 1:46.02. 
    NY Lotto Winners 
    The jackpot starts at $2 million. The biggest jackpot of $65 million was won in 2007 by an individual player.

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